October 29, 2020

Innovative blog series to shine a light on the lives of chronic pain sufferers this November

Onus, a new health app will run an international blog series throughout the month of November to raise awareness of chronic pain and the need for better healthcare solutions. 

Featuring guest bloggers from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the series will give a rare insight into the lives of people battling chronic pain, how their lives have changed following the onset of symptoms and how they persevere and manage a wide scope of health conditions. 

The aim of publishing a blog series is to connect people suffering with chronic pain, and those who care for them, to share stories and health information for the purpose of finding better ways of managing health and living the best life possible. 

“We want to get people talking about chronic pain, because so many people are suffering in silence, but together we can find better ways of managing symptoms and treatment options,” says Onus Founder, Rita De Michele. 

Onus is a crowdsourcing app, encouraging people to take ownership of their health, by re-imagining healthcare with the support and encouragement of an online community, including fellow members, health practitioners and experts. 

“The idea behind Onus is not to deter people from seeing their GP, specialists or alternative health practitioners. It is to empower them with information, so they know the right questions to ask. It’s about giving people hope and support, by making them realise much power is in their hands when it comes to healthcare,” says Ms De Michele.

Onus is available on the AppStore and Google Play. It is free for members and available to Practitioners and experts for a monthly fee. 

Members can share stories about their health struggles, ask for support or assist others who may be requesting assistance. They can use hashtags to focus on different health conditions and join groups to discuss specific health issues in more detail.

“We encourage members to share their story, because through storytelling, we share knowledge, experiences and hope for recovery. We say, one day you will share your story, about overcoming the health challenge you are facing now, and it will become someone else’s survival guide, “ says De Michele. 

Onus member Roberto Righetti is very happy he has found Onus in his search for answers to his health issues.

“People who may feel disconnected or have had conflicting opinions by health professionals can connect with real people in similar situations and get timely advice, putting one on a path to better understand their own condition,” he says. 

The international chronic pain blog series will run for the month of November on the Onus website and social media channels. It will also be supported by high profile authors, disability advocates and social media influencers. 

For more information about the international blog series or Onus please contact:

Natalie Coulson, Amped Up Marketing & Communications on 0435 005 549 or natalie@ampedupcomms.com

Written by: Rita De Michele
Rita is the Founder of Onus App and is empowering people to share their health stories and live a better life.

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