November 29, 2020

Thank You

I started Onus - a mobile app, after facing health conditions myself, and after supporting family and friends through emotional and physical challenges.

There were common threads amongst the stories of wanting easier access to health experts, traditional and complementary, to learn other treatment options, whilst saving time from travelling all over the state or country.

I decided to include community, something during my hardest days I wished I had access to like-minded people, coming together sharing stories and experiences to alleviate loneliness, confusion, giving and getting support. 

We launched this October with an International Blog Series with bloggers from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and America. 

A few members of my family suffer with chronic pain, so it felt natural to help raise awareness for this debilitating condition.

We had 28 bloggers write about their daily life with chronic pain, what treatment options they’re using, their emotional state and their outlook for the future.

As I read each story, I felt deeply honoured to be given their trust to share a part of their lives. All the stories were brought together under the banner of Chronic pain and yet they were all so unique, heartfelt, inspiring and heart opening.

The collective is always more powerful than the individual and my experience from this went way beyond just raising awareness and an app launch.

There are so many people opening up and showing up from their willingness to remove the fear of being vulnerable to help humanity. 

I now refer to the 28 bloggers as 28 HEROES, OUR HEROES.

Who are;


I’m grateful to you all. 🙏🏼❤️

I now invite you to download the Onus App, and join us on the inside. We're buliding a beautiful community, and look forward to hearing your story and supporting you on your journey to better health.

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Written by: Rita De Michele
Rita is the Founder of Onus App and is empowering people to share their health stories and live a better life.

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