“Impossible, is the possible yet to be realized”

Healing happens on different levels. It’s multi-dimensional and requires a mindset for discovery more than you have been led to believe. We are here to help change that and open you to a world of stories.

We invite you to take ownership of your health, but we don’t want you to have to do it alone. We’ve created a platform supporting a community of members and health practitioners, joining forces to heal, one story at a time, in a collaborative, connected, supportive environment.
The onus is on you, but your healthcare community will be with you every step of the way.

Our Voice

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To create a crowdsourced, solution-focused and collaborative environment where members can take ownership of their health.


To help elevate the health of humanity. Putting health decisions back in the hands of the people, via a supportive and socially conscious community.


Create an environment where Onus members can share health concerns with other members, as well as health practitioners to;
  • Facilitate healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health conditions
  • Provide group support
  • Create a sense of belonging for members, so no-one feels they need to suffer in silence
  • Provide an opportunity for health practitioners to help sufferers
  • Give hope and reduce helplessness
  • Inspire, educate and empower members that healing is possible
Meet Rita De Michele